America's Fallen Hero's

CPL. Barton R. Humlhanz

Barton Russell Humlhanz was born on February 26, 1981, my first child and only son. Bart or BR, as he was nicknamed by his family, evolved into a handsome young man nicknamed Hanz by his fellow Marines. At age 5 ½ Bart became a big brother when his sister Nicole was born August 22, 1986, I mention the dates because when his sister was two years old she told Bart how she could always remember both of their birthdays, Nicole knew that each of them was ½ year older when it was the other one’s actual birthday. While he was not always perfect, Bart was the best big brother and son and always loved and protected his mom and little sister.

Bart loved all of his family and he had plenty, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and bonus family too thanks to Don Carey coming into our lives. Bart was 11 when I met Don and while we had some difficult teen years together it was one of our greatest joys when Bart came to Don and told him he was the best Dad he ever had! Bart’s first nephew, Isaiah Barton, was born on Bart’s birthday and his second nephew was born June. Sadly neither of them actually met their Uncle Bart since he died before they were born but they know Bart well thanks to their mom, Bart’s sister, and our family.

As a child, Bart played tee-ball and baseball for a few years. He joined cub scouts and boy scouts for a few years and grew to love music like his mom. At the age of 12 I gave Bart my acoustic guitar and he taught himself how to play and sing without ever learning to read music. Bart was able to play by ear and was quite good, he was so passionate about his guitars that he bought a guitar in Iraq during his second deployment because he missed it so much. Bart had numerous guitars between the ages of 12 and 23 ½ that he traded for or purchased on his own, some acoustic and some electric. Bart even sang and played at a local café near our home in Hellertown, PA and was so excited because they actually paid him to perform.

Bart’s favorite teams were the Philadelphia Flyers and the Philadelphia Phillies. Bart’s favorite sport was hockey though, street hockey, roller hockey or ice hockey, he didn’t care which! I have to admit he got that from his mom and it was a huge binding tie to his dad Don and brother Ben who both loved skating and hockey too. Bart had a great sense of humor, which he seems to have gotten from Don because that was not from me! Bart also had a huge heart. One story I heard from a fellow Marine was that Bart had given him the last $2 he had with 2-3 days to go until payday. Many other stories said Bart treated everyone like family; he was kind, generous, funny and helpful.

Bart always admired and had a huge respect for our military, which started at the age of 3 when he went to see his Uncle Steve graduate from Army boot camp. At the age of 17 Bart signed up for delayed entry into the Army. Unfortunately neither his first or second Army contract was able to get him the MOS of Military Police as he was promised, so Bart decided not to enter and got a job instead. Then 9/11 happened and Bart was on a mission to never let anything like that happen again. About 6 weeks later I remember getting a phone call at work from Bart saying “guess what I did today?” I replied I have no idea, what did you do? Bart said “I joined the Marines…and I leave in 3 weeks” at his own insistence with the recruiter. Bart joined the Marines on 15 NOV 2001 with an MOS of Military Police as promised.

Bart received his first meritorious promotion to Private First Class 14 MAY 2002. Bart received Marine of the Quarter at Camp Lejeune 1 OCT 2002 thru 31 JAN 2003 while a Lance Corporal. Bart received his second meritorious promotion to Corporal 2 JUN 2004. Bart told everyone that joining the United States Marine Corps was the best thing he had ever done and he was very proud, as were all of us.

Bart first deployed to Iraq Christmas 2002 where he served until June 2003. Bart’s second deployment to Iraq was 4 JUL 2004. Bart was killed 26 AUG 2004 in Babil Provence, Iraq as a result of an IED (improvised explosive device) during security operations.

Personal awards, medals, ribbons include Purple Heart, Navy Marine Corps Achievement, Combat Action, Good Conduct, National Defense, Iraq Campaign, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary, Global War on Terrorism Service, Sea Service Deployment, Expert Rifle and Marksman Pistol.

We miss Bart’s smile, laugh, hugs and generosity to family and others. Whenever Bart was home visiting or on the phone we always told him “we love you, we miss you and we are so proud of you!” That is true forever and always.

Bart is survived by his proud parents Michele and Don Carey, his sister Nicole McNally, his brother-in-law Michael McNally, his step-brother Ben Carey and his nephews Isaiah Barton McNally ( who was born on his Uncle Bart’s birthday) and Miles McNally.