America's Fallen Hero's

Demitri Sean Martin

Born 01/20/1994, departed 08/31/2013

After graduating Demitri Sean Martin joined the United States Army where he served in the Middle East Spc Martin received the Hero of the Battle for merital service during rotation 14-05. Serving as a light wheeled vehicle mechanic for Delta Forward Support Company. 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment. Upon receiving the order from the first line supervisor and understanding security is his first priority he researched in an infantry field manual The proper way to construct an individualHasty fighting position and how to tie it to a Defensive perimeter. Once he completed his position, he Then went around To the other positions in his company’s sector Of the perimeter and assiste in getting them to standard, Based on his rank and skill level, this definitely goes above and beyond. His actions are in keeping with the warrior sprit And reflect great credit upon himself, his unit , and the United States Army.

As a child, Spc Martin loved animals and children. Blessed with a singing voice and gifted with the use of his hand Spc Martin was always willing to lend a hand and help others.

Serving his country honorably Spc Martin developed PTSD. This battle he was unable to win and took his life in front of his mother as she desperately tried to get the VA to help him.

His legacy is left with the Demitri Sean Martin legacy fund and the International Veterans Empowerment Thrift Store. Proceeds go to help veterans suffering from PTSD to seek treatment with private doctors in an effort to prevent other families from suffering the loss of a hero.