America's Fallen Hero's

M/SGT Gary R. Latinis

M/Sgt Latinis was a 20 year Air Force veteran. Born on 19 Sep 1931, he married Charleen Mae Latinis on 19 Dec 1953.

M/Sgt Latinis enlisted in the Air Force on 07 Aug 1952 in Denver CO. His first assignment was to Geiger Air Force Base, WA, as a Weapons Control Systems Technician, attached to the 498th Fighter Interceptor Group of the ADC. He was also stationed at Itazuke AFB, Japan, Lockbourne AFB, OH, Perrin AFB, TX, Clark AFB, Philippines, and KI Sawyer AFB, MI.

He retired 01 Sep 1972 at Perrin AFB, TX, where he and his wife Charleen, and children Deborah and Scott, lived north of Pottsboro, TX.

M/Sgt Latinis’ connection to Spaceland Dallas is through his son, Warder "Scott" Latinis. Scott would often visit the area, and while visiting his parents, he would skydive at the drop zone. M/Sgt and Mrs. Latinis often came to the drop zone to watch their son skydive and encourage him during competitions. Scott went on to earn 10 National Championships.

M/Sgt and Mrs. Latinis held great pride in both of their children, and were loved by their children, 3 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.

M/Sgt Latinis passed away 22 May 2019, surrounded by his wife, son, and granddaughter, Stacie.