America's Fallen Hero's

SPC Jordan M. Rogers

SPC Jordan M Rogers was born in Inverness, Florida. He is what you would consider an All American Country boy. He learned at a young age how to hunt and spent most of his time learning the ways of the land. In this time he taught himself how to be a great marksman. Being such an avid outdoorsman Jordan would gladly take any spare time that led him to the water or woods.

In 2013, Jordan decided he would follow his heart to serve our great country. He would soon ship to basic in January 2014 for Infantry school and volunteered for an Airborne contract. Jordan was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he proudly served with many of his fellow brothers, in A-CO 2-505 PIR Combat Division, making this unit home. Jordan was the Saw Gunner which he won awards for and was recognized later becoming the SDM for his unit.

In 2015, Jordan would become a father to our loving son, Gunner. He never once hesitated to stop what he was doing when one of his brothers needed him. Whether he was Active Duty or not. Jordan was known for teaching his fellow soldiers. His loyalty to his brothers will always be recognized.

Jordan had many dreams after his time in service. He knew just how difficult life is for Veterans after ETSing and was starting a company that would hire veterans. Unfortunately his hard work would go unfinished due to him passing not long after. My husband was always the man everyone went to for anything and I will always cherish his heart and loyalty.

Jordan was a loved and honored family member. He is survived by his Wife, Lauren, Children, Stephen and Gunner. His mother Sherrie and siblings; Riley, Bailey, and Corey.

His accomplishments are as follows; The Combat Infantryman badge, The Parachutist Badge, The Army Good Conduct Badge.