America's Fallen Hero's

Luis D. Mateo Bueno

Mr. Luis Dempsey Mateo Bueno graced the world with his Light on June 25, 1983 in the dreamy island Dominican Republic. Born into a family of women, he was always the glue that kept his tribe together. Carefree and very playful, he always lit up any room he walked into with his handsome smile and joking manner. In true flamboyant Dominican fashion, Luis loved eating, dancing and enjoying his family. He became a part of the US Army directly after graduating high school to bravely join and climb the ranks of the honorable defending this country. Luis served over ten years and fought in five Middle Eastern conflicts with the Army prior to exiting. After this, he continued a personal endeavor to make his mark on the restaurant world. Creating El Rìncon Dominicano by: Luisito, he longed to bring a modern yet comfortable feel to an authentic Dominican Eatery. Unfortunately, Luis met an untimely end on May 19, 2016 before bringing his dreams to fruition in the physical realm.

Luis Dempsey, both your Love and your Legacy lives. It lives on in the form of your family, your business, as well as the mark you effortlessly left on everyone who knew you. Thank you for your presence. We endlessly remember you and continue to live on by the words you so eloquently wrote until we are together again: “If you don’t try, you will not succeed”.