America's Fallen Hero's

PFC Milton A. Eck

PFC Milton Eck was born July 17th, 1928 in Lebanon, Pennsylvania and entered military service on January 22nd, 1945. His insignias indicate he went through Airborne School, was a rigger and a pathfinder, and was in the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment which eventually became part of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Mr. Eck was also a skydiver with over 30 tandem skydives and often commented that skydiving was the best thing for his sex life. Mr. Eck was awarded an honorary skydive “A” license of A-46745 on February 9th, 2005.

Unfortunately, Mr. Eck did not have any surviving relatives that could be found however the team will continue to try and find them to make them aware of the dedication.

His date of departure was June 16th, 2010.