About Us

Paladin Intellects, Inc. was founded in 2005. Our clients have told us that they are thrilled by our energy, knowledge, and desire! Our headquarters and data center are in Phoenix, AZ. We also have an office in the Houston, TX, area. Our domestic clients are located in both the Phoenix area and in Houston, TX. Through contracts with the US military, we have clients in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

What sets Paladin Intellects apart from other IT companies is that all of our engineers are highly-experienced (at least 10 years IT experience and certification), highly-skilled technicians that can quickly and expertly address a wide range of IT issues, as well as work with the customer to develop a long-term IT roadmap.

Paladin Intellects has established partnerships with Microsoft ®, Dell ® and Cisco ® . This relationship enables us to provide top-quality, unsurpassed support and products from both of these highly-respected and established companies.

Paladin Intellects is based on the values and experiences of the owners. Outside of our slogan of "Excellence, Integrity, Commitment" we can sum up Paladin Intellects in just a few easy words : Teamwork, aggressive competition, and precision. All of the three owners have been involved in skydiving in one form or another with a total time span of over 40 years, with two of the three owners involved in World Class skydiving events competing against the top skydiving teams from visiting countries.

Teamwork - On a skydiving team, there is no "I" or "me", just "us" or "team". The failure of any one person causes the team to fail. A team is only as fast as its slowest team mate and every skydiver on the team is a single point of failure. Because of this, the team works closer than ever and the bonds that form from being on a skydiving team are one of a kind. Similar team bonding has been found in adverse environment such as combat zones or while taking enemy fire. Because skydiving is such a team bonding experience, is why skydiving is a part of virtually every major corporate team bonding package and why they have motivational posters as displayed below. Paladin Intellects prides itself on working well with others in a team environment in order to accomplish the customers goals.


"When we all work together, we all win together"

Aggressive competition - In a skydiving competition there is no second place....only the first loser. Each team spends thousands of dollars on training, coaching, wind-tunnel time, working out, and equipment. No one wants to lose on their investment spent and no one wants to be the first place loser. A large majority of skydivers are born with type A personalities and natural leaders. While most type A personalities are known for not being able to work well with others, skydivers recognize that in order to win they must depend on, rely, help, coach, listen, learn, and be patient with their team in order to get the gold. Paladin Intellects takes aggressive competition to the next level in supporting our clients and recognizes that without our clients there would be no Paladin Intellects.

"Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition - in having put forth the best within you."

Precision - In freefall, the difference of one foot in any direction could mean the difference in winning or losing. Mental concentration in the aircraft is considered. The speed of fall is taken into consideration. The speed in joining the formation is taken into consideration. Gripping with your left hand as opposed to your right hand is taken into consideration. Leaving the aircraft 1/16th of a second early is considered. Everything is considered and complete precision by all teammates involved is required. Having a rogue variable based on anything could jeopardize the skydive. Paladin takes this concept of precision, timing, and events-based-on-actions required into consideration for every project and for every client.

"If you have but one shot at an opportunity, make it count"

CEO - Carl Carpenter. Carl has been networking and consulting for many years. Carl is industry trained and certified by Cisco, Microsoft, Novell, Citrix, Comptia, and Sniffer to name a few. He has taught Cisco and Microsoft courses for students of all ages and backgrounds. He has consulted for various government organizations both classified and unclassified. His current security clearance is SECRET and has held a NATO Top Secret Clearance. After spending 20 years in the military, with multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, he decided to hang up his guns and settle down in Phoenix, Arizona.

COO - Scott Latinis. Scott has been working with fortune 100 companies his entire career. He comes from a very established and successful background as a manager at Compaq and Hewlett Packard. His leadership style is second to none and his visionary methods of helping the customer and making the company grow is legendary.

Our Prices

We value good business and value our clients even more. Not all of our clients can afford top of the line and brand new equipment. We scour the Internet and our partners for the best deal that we can give you to help save you money and still have good quality equipment to support your needs. We also have no problem in letting you know where your money is spent. We normally charge a flat rate of 10% to account for profit on anything we sell. Obviously on large orders, we can be flexible and adjust the profit. Our hourly rate is a flat fee of $85 per hour for on-site engineer support. All our personnel are certified and trained according to industry standards, so you can rest assured that the professionals from Paladin aren't using your company as a guinea pig to learn how to do their job.  Shipping and handling is non-refundable and there is a 25% restocking fee for any returned equipment in original undamaged packaging.  There is a 4% transaction fee on all Credit Card orders.

"Please be advised that a late charge of 1.5% per month (18% per annum) will be applied to all amounts over 30 days past due. If you think that any invoice is wrong, you must dispute it in writing, within 30 days of the invoice date or all listed credits, payments, and charges will be considered valid and correct."