Firewalls and VPNs

Is your company trying to save money by using low-end firewalls?

This decision could end up costing you much more than it saves by allowing your competitors to have unfettered access to your business-critical information!

Your competitors are out to steal your business. This is no secret to you. Paladin Intellects can help you ensure that they can't steal your valuable information by infiltrating your computer network.

The wrong information security solution can easily sink your company from the outside OR the inside!!!

Q. Aren't all hardware firewalls the same? After all they're just an electronic component, right?

A. Unfortunately, not all hardware or software firewalls, for that matter - firewalls are created equal. Use of low quality firewalls can give a false sense of security while leaving your entire network exposed.

Q. I have my Windows firewall turned on. Isn't that enough?

A. Unfortunately, it's not. Windows firewall does an OK job of protecting a single laptop or desktop computer. However, there are a lot of ways to infiltrate your network without going through your computer. By implementing a combination of properly configured software and hardware firewalls, you system can be secured.

Paladin encourages the use of Cisco ® Firewalls.

While slightly more expensive than low-end firewalls, Cisco ® Firewalls are extremely flexible, can easily grow with your company with minimal cost, and - most importantly protects your company's information for unauthorized access.

Our engineers are industry trained and certified by Cisco ®. They have extensive real-world experience in environments ranging from five users to several thousand users.

Paladin can easily set up your firewall to allow SECURE remote access, restrict unauthorized internal activities (which reduces bandwidth utilization), and much more!!!

If you are highly-leveraged in non-Cisco ® firewalls, Paladin Intellects is well positioned to support firewalls from manufacturers such as Watchguard ®, Sonic ®, Symantec ®, DLink ®, and Linksys ®.

If you want to ensure that your data is safe from prying eyes, give Paladin Intellects a call NOW!

Having Paladin Intellects review your network will ensure that it is secure, while maximizing its effectiveness and efficiency.

Some of the firewall vendors we specifically deal with are:

  • Cisco
  • Linksys
  • Checkpoint