IT in a Box

Small Business owner with IT trouble? We have the solution for you!!! Quite often a small business is created with no IT plan on how to electronically do business or support the growth and health of the business.

We have just the thing for you!!! We call it "Server-in-a-box". The idea is that a single solution is provided to you where all you have to do is apply power and turn on the equipment.

What is provided:

  • The base unit is an extremely tiny footprint server. Extremely tiny so it doesn't take up a lot of room. After you have provided the necessary information to configure it we'll go ahead and install your server operating system and have it ready for you. All you should have to do is plug it in, turn it on, and follow the simple set of instructions we send you. The hardware composing the server is designed to meet the bare minimums required to run Microsoft Small Business Server.
  • Microsoft Small Business Server SBS is Microsofts quick and easy way to deploy a server operating system to a small business and still provide far more functionality than is required by the small business. SBS has a built in email server, web server, ftp server, fax server, etc. All you need to provide is the genius behind the plan in making your business successful.

What is extra:

  • Firewall - we offer a low cost firewall that allows for caching to speed up your internet. This firewall is low cost in relation to the business class firewalls but isn't going to compromise you like the low end firewalls that you would find being sold to the average home user. These firewalls are definitely NOT your low end D-Link (or the like) firewalls that only give you the "impression" of being protected.
  • Monitor - Servers don't need monitors unless some type of work is being performed. Not shipping a monitor to you will reduce shipping costs. Should you need a monitor, then we can provide a low cost monitor to you.
  • Mouse - Servers don't need a mouse to function at all.
  • UPS - All servers need a UPS to ensure the servers continue to work when the electricity goes out. UPSs do nothing more than protect your valuable investment.
  • Offsite Backup Service - Your server will start to accumulate information that is very valuable to you. While we only will sell equipment that is top notch, there can still be a situation where you may lose all your data. Paladin Intellects offers an excellent offsite backup solution where your data is backed up, replicated, and stored among our servers located around the USA. You only pay for the bandwidth and the amount of space you take up. Our offsite backup service is an excellent way to ensure that you stay in business after a disaster. Please call for a quote.
  • Server Monitoring Service - Now that you have a server, who is going to monitor it. IT equipment is very much like a young child in that they have to be cared for and taken care of. Our monitoring service allows us (and you) to have 24x7 monitoring access and to keep our "eye" on it. This allows us to be proactive and fix issues before they become a big problem.All work is approved by you before we do anything, cost is $20 per month per device that you want to monitor.
  • Pre-paid Online Technical Support - Should you feel the need to have an excellent staff of engineers and technicians at your beck and call. We can provide one for you. We'll assign an experienced Network Administrator or Network Engineer to your account. If you have questions or need help with something then just let us know and we can help you. We offer a rate that is extremely competitive and only gets cheaper the more hours you buy.
  • VoIP - all new businesses need some form of communication. Our Video VoIP phone service is ideal for any size company. Our video phones are free so long as you sign up for the two year subscription and you only pay $28.99 per phone, per month for US calls. Early termination is $200 per phone. Please see our VoIP section for more information.

What is free with every server:

  • Open Office - Open Office is a free open-source substitution for Microsoft Office. Open Office allows you to interact with Microsoft documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc...) but not pay the cost of buying Microsoft Office. This is an extremely low cost solution for a brand new business. Obviously we always suggest that you purchase Microsoft Office when you start to become successful and suggest you buy it from us, of course.
  • AVG Free Anti-Virus Software - Free AV software for you and your server.
  • Access to our main Phone Number - Hopefully nothing will happen, but if it does, we'll be there to help you. Any online help is billed at our hourly rate unless the hours are pre-paid for.

Call us to find out how we can help you get your small business off the ground and running better. All our IT solutions are tailored around our customer regardless of how big or small. We are here to help you make money.