Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Paladin is proud to introduce and offer a complete LMR system for your needs. Given the increase in technology as well as an increased demand for users to talk farther and farther apart from one another, Paladin can offer a LMR package for short range use as well as integrating the LMR into the Internet to allow for traffic to cross the planet.

The experienced engineers at Paladin have successfully designed, integrated, and deployed multiple LMR systems for DoD and US Government entities to allow for communication across the USA and across the world. Our LMR design has been successfully used in Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Korea, and the USA across multiple military installations.

Our LMR system fully complies with DoD policy on P25 compliance and the complete system allowing for global access utilizes packet switching over IP based networks including the slower end of the spectrum such as satellite networks.

The LMR industry is moving to a packet-based network infrastructure to interconnect radio base stations. Solutions based on traditional technologies are expensive, vendor proprietary, not scalable, and unreliable during disaster scenarios, when radio communications are critical.