Network Monitoring

Let Paladin do your network and PC monitoring and the extreme low costs normally found with only the big fortune 100 boys.

Our low cost fee of $15 per month for up to 5 devices will take care of your basic monitoring needs that will, in turn, allow for a more proactive approach to managing your network rather than a reactive one. In other words, lets fix a problem before it becomes one.

Additionally, would you like to be able to monitor your iDevices for health checks or to prevent theft? We offer all of that through the same service.

Pricing is simple...$15 per month for 5 devices, at 25 devices the price drops to $12 per month for 5 devices and at 50 devices the price drops to $10 per month per 5 devices. The more you manage the cheaper the cost

Manage your servers, laptops, desktops, androids, iDevices, etc...