Network Optimization

Paladin has extensive experience in networking and deploying networks to industry standard to increase network performance. We can easily discover the flaws that is making your network come to a slow crawl. We can implement internal security measures to prevent your employees from decreasing network performance with unauthorized activities and also provide a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools that can provide real time analysis of your network and how it is performing. Monitoring packages are available for you to personally monitor your network from any location with Internet access.

When your network just seems to act strange, that's when it's time to call Paladin Intellects.

Paladin Intellects, Inc. is a "first line of support" resource. When a Server or other computing device fails (printer, router, firewall, etc.), the company to call is Paladin.

Our technicians answer the support calls almost immediately and dial into the network or workstation. They then make recommendations as to the "fix", and if possible, correct the problem while they are online with the customer.

Anyone who has ever supported networks knows that there can be many things, or a combination of things that can be wrong. Our Network Administrators will stay with the problem trying different resolutions until the problem is resolved. System/Network administration is a very hard responsible job and without help can be most difficult, that's when it's time to call Paladin Intellects.

Paladin Intellects, Inc. will take accountability of the operation, administration, and maintenance of your network. This is a vital service to keep your network healthy. We are a team of Network Engineers with in-depth knowledge of and experience with networking, ready to provide the best skills available to keep your network up-to-date and well managed. Our Network Engineers will be working 24/7 to provide you with the best on-site and remote network support. With our new enhanced client support center portal, clients have the ability to create tickets, review the history of tickets, view invoices and other account information in real time.

Custom packages available : Call to fulfill your requirements.