Network Security

How good is Paladin Intellects at network security? Paladin Intellects has implemented secure network solutions for Special Operations for the Dept. of Defense and State Dept. domestically, as well as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea.

Q. Aren't all firewalls the same? After all they're just an electronic component, right?

A. Unfortunately, not all firewalls are created equal. Use of low quality firewalls can give a false sense of security.

Paladin Intellects specializes in the use of Cisco ® Firewalls. Cisco ® firewall components are best in class, offering the flexibility, scalability, security, and reliability that you expect and demand.

Our engineers are trained and certified Cisco ® professionals, and have extensive real world, hands-on experience.

Paladin also supports other less quality firewall brands and manufacturers such as Watchguard, Sonic, Symantec, DLink, Linksys, etc

Paladin Intellects can set up your firewall to allow remote office VPN access, restrict unauthorized internal activities (which reduces bandwidth requirements), and more!!!

Q. If I just change the password requirements for my domain, I'll be more secure. Right?

A. Unfortunately that is wrong. There is a plethora of other items and subjects to go over to ensure domain security. How do your users get remote access from home? Is it through a VPN or an open port on the firewall? Is their VPN access regulated or does everyone have a copy of the profile? What happens when you fire someone, do you replace all the vpn profiles everywhere? How many times do you allow a user to type a password incorrectly before locking the account? What is the password expiration age? How many characters does the password have to be? Do your passwords require unique characters?

Q. I have default file security, isn't that enough?

A. Absolutely not!!! Are your files and folders reviewed for security? Is your accounting data available for just anyone to log in and make a copy...or even worse...erase it? What about your private human resources data, how protected is that? Can any Joe Blow get to the confidential data of your employees and put your company at risk of a lawsuit?

Q. I use the standard backup program that came with Microsoft ® Server. I'm good right?

A. Probably not...unfortunately there is a lot more to protecting data than just permissions and having a backup. Where are your backups stored? Have you considered offsite backups? What happens when your building is broken into and vandalized or worse catches fire.

The questions above are just a few that we go over here at Paladin. They are designed to inspire thought as well as concern. Most clients have no idea about network security and how to protect their data from attacks originated externally as well as internally to their company. Give us a call and allow us to show you what we can do to make your data safer and more secure.

There are a lot of home-grown network security "Experts" out there, most became "experts" after reading a "Hacking Exposed" book. There is a LOT more to network security than just reading books and, in some respects, they are just as much a threat to your data as the hackers are. How important is your data? Wouldn't you be better off having the professionals at Paladin take care of you rather than a home-grown self-titled "expert"? The professionals at Paladin are not only trained, certified, but also have years of experience implementing industry standard security methods to help protect our clients.

Having Paladin Intellects review your network will ensure that it is secure, while maximizing its effectiveness and efficiency.