Linux Services Administration Services

Paladin Intellects offer a full suite of remote system administration services.

Paladin Intellects can setup, configure and maintain your Linux servers while providing

Paladin Intellects will provide the highest level of support.

Paladin Intellects provide you with 24x7 monitoring, consulting for service offerings, installation of server software and more.

Security hardening and initial audit.

When you sign up with our dedicated support plan, we will perform an initial security audit and recommendations for implementation. Our security hardening and auditing process includes external scans, and internal recommendations including, PHP settings, firewall configuration, mod_security, suhosin, Nessus vulnerability report, Nitko scan, and much more.

Pro-active updates

We are monitoring updates for many Linux distributions and control panels. When we detect an update that needs to be applied to your system, we will notify you, test in our labs if necessary and schedule the appropriate time for implementation.

Remote Server Management - $250.00 / month / server - $50.00 Setup includes:

  • Two hours of administration.
  • Security Hardening consulting.
  • Pro-active operating system updates.
  • 24x7 up/down monitoring.
  • Monthly security audit.
  • Host based intrusion detection monitoring.
  • SNMP Monitoring and graphing of system CPU/Load/Network.
  • Daily log checks.
  • Unlimited Telephone based support.

Monthly security audit

Our monthly security audit is an automated monthly scan utilizing Nessus. Any issues detected will be brought directly to you attention. Depending on the severity and the nature of a vulnerability discovered, we will discuss with you the options available to resolve this issue, and implement the appropriate resolution.

Some of the remote administration services we offer include:

  • Installation, configuration and documentation of common and custom services
  • Remote server and service monitoring
  • Routine maintenance
  • Updates and patches
  • System troubleshooting
  • Installation and custom configuration of services for improved performance
  • System tweaks for increased performance
  • Security audits

Server OS Support:

  • RedHat Enterprise Server
  • Fedora
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Slackware

Software Support:

  • Apache (1.4x and 2.x), including mod_perl and php
  • Sendmail
  • Exim
  • Postfix
  • MySQL
  • Nagios
  • MRTG